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Arctic Geo-Travel Iceland is an independent and professional tour operator in Iceland, built on decades of independent travels and tourism in Iceland. We specialize in offering a selection of scheduled day tours in Iceland, guided of extensive local knowledge, available all year round. Our aim is to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations in every way we can. We can also organize a tailor made tours, a unique experience, based on your time frame, interest and budget

Whether you are looking for a guided tour on family vacation, seasonal holiday or customized premier tours of Iceland, we are here to assist you. Arctic Geo-Travel Iceland is a family run business located in Reykjavik city, founded by Gunnar Ingimundarson, geographer and certified guide, with over thirty years of experience in business environment, as well as traveling in Iceland.

We focus on giving our customers the most personal service and care that people should get when traveling to an exotic destination like Iceland. Therefore we offer tours in minivans to be as close guides to our customers as possible during their journey. We offer various standard tours, however, we always offer the option to customize tour packages to fit with your schedule or interest, to make sure that your vacation in Iceland will be your dream vacation.

We welcome you to Iceland, the land of fire and ice, the land of light and shadows, the land where you are most welcome to experience the unique and ever changing nature of Iceland and the history of a nation that has a unique beginning, only 1100 years ago. By choosing to travel with Arctic Geo-Travel Iceland, you are in safe hands of professional and personal people that take your vacation seriously, able to share with you a part of the exotic island. Arctic Geo-Travel Iceland operates under license of Iceland Tourist Board and Icelandic Transport Authority.

From the youngest and most Northern capital city in the world, Reykjavik, we offer exclusive tours to the lowlands, highlands, the Mid-Atlantic Ridge on dry land, a rift valley, glaciers and geysers, volcanic zones and landscape, beautiful lakes and astonishing waterfalls, black sand beaches and bird cliffs and in addition bits of cultural knowledge – all in one day!

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